Snapchatting and driving is always a bad idea.
Snapchatting and driving is always a bad idea.
On the night of September 1 st 2015, Christal McGee – an 18-year- old Snapchat obsessed teen wanted to check how fast she was going and share that result with her friends on Snapchat.
She began speeding and ultimately crashed into an Uber driver at 107 miles per hour, when the limit in Atlanta, where she was driving is just 55 miles per hour!
The driver, Maynard Wentworth, suffered a permanent brain injury, causing him to lose his job and 50 pounds since then.
Now, he and his wife are suing the teen AND Snapchat for keeping the miles per hour filter on their app, despite similar situations happening in the past.
The question here is – is Snapchat responsible for predicting the nature of usage of their app? Millions of people have had accidents drinking and driving but nobody sues alcohol companies do they?
The lawsuit mentions that Snapchat was a “critical cause of the automobile collision.”
While our hearts do go out to Wentworth and his family, we begin wonder whether big corporations are taken to task only because of the huge moneys involved.
What do you think?